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Under the watchful eyes of caring practitioners, our aims at Beyond the Walls Outdoor Nursery for all children are:

  • To feel happy, safe and confident in our setting within the natural environment.
  • To applaud individuality, allowing children to progress at their own pace.
  • To benefit from the freedom, to express themselves and be leaders of their own play.
  • To respond with empathy and respect for all living things including themselves.
  • To be explorers and adventurers.
  • To be curious, engaged learners who can make informed choices and decisions about their own risk taking activities.
  • To be determined, resilient, competent individuals with the confidence to revisit challenges without fear of defeat.
  • To have confidence participating in group discussions, by voicing their opinions and listening with respect to others.
  • To have an understanding of how to keep healthy and safe.
  • To have made good strides into the Early Years Foundation Stage, which will give self assurance to continue along their learning journey.
  • Finally, to benefit from the strong links forged between home and our Beyond the Walls family.

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