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Our belief is that children who are part of our Beyond the Walls family should be free to express, explore, be excited and inspired by the wonders that lay at our feet, above our heads and everywhere in between.

Within such a magical place that is our natural world, we feel privileged to be able to harness and enhance children’s innate curiosity and limitless imaginations. Through the changing of the seasons we embrace each new challenge with a determination to fully and wholeheartedly take advantage of all that nature provides; in Spring, the fascination of a spider web wet with dew, sun breaking through the canopy of the trees in Summer, the crunch of fallen golden Autumnal leaves and the enchanting beauty of a cold crisp Winters day, hunting for hidden treasure.

Through our holistic approach to childcare it is our hope that children will return throughout their life to this peaceful, tranquil space and allow a little bit of time for the wood to work its magic for them.

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