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helping to put up signs

Let’s see if we can run fast!

Shhhhh! we are hiding from everyone Diane.

I found a big one.

Making marks.

How many conkers will we find this morning?

Enjoying a story in the woods.

These feathers feel very soft.

Please can you open my conker shell?

“Thank you for opening the gate”. “You’re welcome”

Creating clay pets.

Can you guess how many cows there are?

Do you know what pet I have made?

This clay feels fabulous.

Can you guess what we can see?

Good morning ladies.

Can you see the baby Robin?

This wonderful flowery ice took hours to melt.

Loving the snow!

I made a snowball.

Helping to put up some important signs.

I am using my special stick as a?

Looking for ducks.

The reservoir is very big!

What a lot of fungus!

Can you find three?

Can you find three?

Happy friends!

All aboard the runaway train!

Making shapes.

Smile, please.

Off on our adventures.

Reading the new signs.

How many speckled frogs can you see?!

What letter begins your name?

Shhhh, we are hiding from everyone Diane!

Watching a worm traveling along the grass.

Who might live in this hole?

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