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For Health and Safety it is essential that your child is equipped properly EVERY DAY they attend. Please note that children WILL NOT be allowed to stay if they are inadequately equipped. Please follow the kit lists below. We also ask that you label all of your child’s personal belongings.

Kit List – Essential Daily
(to be accompanied with the weather-specific Kit Lists)

  • Rucksack, lunch, drinks, waterproofs, waterproof mittens and appropriate footwear.

Kit List – for colder weather

  • Thermal base layer – leggings, long sleeve top and long thermal socks.
  • A thinner long sleeve top.
  • A warm fleece/wool long sleeve top.
  • Cosy trousers i.e tracksuit pants (NOT jeans).
  • Two pairs of waterproof mittens and two pair of magic gloves.
  • Two warm fleecy hats with sides that go over their ears
  • Two snoods/buffs (we think these are super!).
  • Neoprene or fleece lined wellies or waterproof walking boots.

Kit List – for warmer weather

  • Long trousers (these are still a necessity to prevent scratches and stings)
  • Short sleeve top.
  • Jumper (as it can be cool at the beginning of the day)
  • Suncream (please apply at home we advise “once a day” suncreams there are some good ones available even on the high street!).
  • A sun hat.
  • Insect repellant please apply at home.

Our Waterproofs
We have chosen dungarees as they are a great way to keep children warmer, we are aware that they can be tricky for some children to fasten, but they soon become quite proficient and this is great for their fine motor skills! It is important that even in dry weather your child still has their waterproofs as this enables them to play in puddles, mud and sit on damp ground etc. They also protect from scratches and prickles!

For advice from other parents, have a look at our Testimonials page.

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