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Louise Caton

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Hi, I’m Louise. Lots of my childhood memories are of spending many school holidays walking over Whalley Nab, from Great Harwood (where I was brought up) to Whalley, collecting blackberries, looking at flowers and admiring stunning views along the way. We would be out for hours without a care in the world! These are most definitely my favourite memories! In fact, I remember most of my childhood being spent outdoors, happy and carefree, and returning home with very rosy cheeks!

I now have three children of my own, and living in Pleasington we are lucky to have the countryside on our doorstep. My husband, Mike, myself and the children spend many a weekend walking Toby our dog around Houghton Bottoms, which we all love.

I first met Diane and Naomi when my children all attended the fantastic nursery that Diane owned and Naomi helped run. We have wonderful memories of really happy times there. Whenever we talk about nursery days and look at photos, my children’s faces light up with fondness remembering the fun times they had there. Consequently when Diane and Naomi told me of the outdoor nursery that they were opening, I felt very excited at the thought of being able to be a part of it. I feel that this is a wonderful opportunity for children to experience the great outdoors, whilst learning and growing, and I will feel very privileged to be sharing these experiences with them.

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