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Naomi Suggett

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Hi everyone, I’m Naomi, and during my twenty years as a qualified practitioner it has been my pleasure to share my passion in caring for nature in all its forms: plants, animals, bugs, birds etc. As parents of three happy and curious children, my husband Stewart and I feel strongly that the countryside, seaside and outdoor environment provides our family with the opportunities to be together without twenty-first century distractions, enabling our children to have the freedom to create their own happy childhood memories.

My childhood years were spent in a small village called Chatburn surrounded by fields, rivers and nature. My overriding memory is one of great freedom and adventure in the form of picnics in fields with my younger brother, swimming in the River Ribble with family and our family dog, and collecting small posies of flowers for my mum. I have vivid memories of Youth Group midnight walks up and along Pendle Hill, with often a long and wet trek home!. It seems to me that a huge chunk of my childhood and teenage life was spent with friends and family enjoying and making the most of the wonderful Ribble Valley.

When Diane approached me with the idea of opening up an outdoor nursery together, I had no hesitation in saying “yes”! Having already formed a very good working relationship together during my seven years employed as a Deputy Nursery Practitioner in her pervious nursery, and now still as close friends, there was no question of passing up such a wonderful opportunity.  Caring for children and being given the chance to see the natural world through their eyes fills me with anticipation for the joy, wonder and excitement that the children will experience during our time together in the outdoor environment.

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