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Testimonials – Adults

Here at Beyond the Walls Outdoor Nursery we welcome and value all feedback from parents, and children alike, this ensures the children get the most from every day.  For more information, email us.

As a working parent I have always struggled having to leave Jacob in the care of others whilst we have gone to work and actually felt guilty about doing so.However since Jacob started attending BTW I can honestly say that for the first time the ‘guilt’ has lifted as Jacob is now enthusiastic and excited about the days adventure. He is completely in his element being outside in the woods, running, exploring & playing with his new friends whilst also learning ! I cannot praise, Diane, Naomi, Gemma & Louise enough. They are warm, welcoming and the passion they have for this type of nursery education is clear to see. I no longer feel like I am leaving Jacob in the care of ‘staff’ but friends – thank you.We absolutely love the photographs and personal weekly updates on Jacobs progress and this helps us to feel involved in his adventures, what a great idea for us parents  🙂 Thank you  Paul & Sue 

Our experience with Beyond the Walls outdoors nursery was fantastic. We were really keen for our daughter (a shy 3 and a half year old) to experience the outdoors, grow to love nature and learn to have fun in a simple, creative environment. The year she spent there really did meet those expectations. Our daughter grew in confidence, social awareness and also developed physically – increasing her strength and stamina.  Our daughter loved the gentle and caring nature of the staff. She is quite introverted at first and gets to know people very slowly so having warm caring adults was a key starting point for her and us. We could see her development after a few months as she grew in confidence. We really valued the daily feedback chats we would have with the staff, the weekly photos and reporting all contributed towards an enriching experience. Asha

I am happiest sending James (and previously Tom) to your setting, because of the people and the environment. All the carers employed by yourselves are kind and patient, and happy to give the children lots of time, and to teach them. I also love that the children are outside, exercising and getting lots of fresh air, opposed to sat in a stuffy small room, playing with the same toys day in day out. The days encourage imagination, self care and stamina/fitness. Why wouldn’t I want my child there 😀 Thanks, Erin.

Aside from the obvious benefits & gratitude for the opportunity to be outdoors, learn through & develop a respect for nature; I especially appreciate the gentle, warm approach of the adults, taking time to explain rules and kind behaviour to my at times boisterous and high spirited little boy! thanks Zandra

When i first heard about Beyond the Walls I wanted to send Freddie. I registered Freddie as soon as he was born because I truly believe that learning in an outdoor environment is fun but also teaches skills you can’t learn in the classroom.  The staff at Beyond the Walls are all really enthusiastic come rain or shine and ensure that each week the children are doing something fun and interesting.  Freddie loves his 2 days at Beyond the Walls and I will be sad when he will go to school full time, although I will be speaking to Diane and asking if he may attend in the school holidays :0 I love seeing the photographs and updates on the website.  So much attention to detail is included and I love the personal touch of what Freddie has done and said.  It really is exciting to read each week.  I think the staff have really got it all balanced in terms of what they do and Freddie comes out with so many interesting facts from what he has been learning that week. Lisa x

“We love beyond the walls and wouldn’t change a thing! We will be really sad when Jacob has to go to school in September ! I asked Jacob what do you like the most about woods nursery and he said ” playing tig and I always get to be the tigger” I also asked him what is the nicest thing about the woods and he said, ” because we get to run around lots !” We feel Jacob has grown in confidence and become a really creative and robust little boy ready for any adventure and appreciates all nature has to offer. Thank you all of you !” Charlotte and Andrew

“Thank you for creating this special, wonderful place, where children can come and play and learn naturally. It’s a total enhancement to their lives which will help them in the future. Thank you for all the love and support you have given to Wilf. We feel very lucky that Wilf has had the opportunity to be a part of your family and that you nurtured, supported and guided him, without trying to take anything away from his little personality.” Suzanne & Lizette

“Thank you for all the wonderful care and support you have given Charlie over the last few years. Beyond the Walls is a very special place and has given Charlie a fantastic start in life that we will always remember. I’m sure he will miss you all very much.” Jenny & Alex

“We as a family would like to thank all the brilliant staff at Beyond the Walls for the care and love you have shown to our son over the 3 years he has been there. Over those years we have watched as Adam has developed into an adventurous, kind and thoughtful little boy. We believe that this has a lot to do with the care, understanding and knowledge he has received at Beyond the Walls. Adam has enjoyed his time there from the very first day and has made some lovely friends and so have we. We’re so glad that Adam got a place at your nursery and respect you all for taking the chance to do something different with opening and working at an outdoor nursery, teaching children to respect and love the world around them. Adam loves nature and has turned into a bit of a “tree hugger”. He respects his surroundings and he is intrigued by everything he sees. He loves the challenge of climbing a tree, collecting the biggest sticks and jumping through streams. His ability to do these and lots, lots more is down to you. We are so glad we get to keep all of the photos as they will remind Adam in years to come what a brilliant childhood he has had.” Tim & Clare

“Wow! What can we say? What a wonderful thing you have created with Beyond the Walls. Thank you so much for providing such a special, safe and magical place for Tom to get to know nature, build true friendships and grow up into the nearly 5 year old boy he is now. Tom has absolutely adored his time with his woodland friends and no matter what the weather, he has always ended the day with rose cheeks, a beaming smile and grubby hands after a fabulous day playing, exploring, climbing, hiking and having big adventures in the woods. It has been such a gift for Tom to spend time at Beyond the Walls and we will treasure the wonderful photos, stories and memories that you’ve captured so beautifully for us. At times it is agony being a working parent and having to put your c children into nursery but I can truly say on a ‘words day’. I’ve never once felt a pang of guilt or worry because I’ve known that Tom is in such a safe, happy place with special friends and people who really care about him, having an absolutely wild time and a big adventure each week. Your interest in and patience with the children is outstanding. Thank you for putting on your thermals each week and getting out there in all weathers to give something truly fabulous to our children – you are an inspiration!” Sarah & Paul

“George got back into mummy’s car last Friday and she asked him how his day had been… “wonderful mummy” he replied and when she asked him why he simply said “it just is “. We could list all the things the children do, but it is more than that, it invigorates George even more for the outdoors and all the possibilities it brings with it. They develop an amazing sense of curiosity which is nurtured perfectly by all the staff who’s enthusiasm knows no boundaries even on the coldest days. We are very lucky and privileged to have you on our doorstep and to have you and the nursery as part of our lives and helping to shape Georges too. The weekly photos and personal reports are great and we read them every week. But the new board with the daily diary in the hall is a very good idea. Keep up the great work.” Paul & Wendy

“Cassius has had such a happy, content and adventurous time at Beyond the Walls. He always comes home tired and full of stories about his days. When I asked him what he he enjoyed most about nursery he said “I really enjoy playing with sticks and playing Spider-Man with my friends all the time, do you know mummy my sticks can be anything I love my sticks?” We wish that all of his education could be as it has been over the last year, learning through play in the great outdoors whatever the weather. What a lucky boy! I also want to add how great the weekly feedback is. John and I really look forward to sitting down and reading what delights Cassius has been up to in the week. We regularly laugh out loud at what he has said or done and picture him perfectly doing so. Thank you to all the wonderful, patient and enthusiastic staff at Beyond the Walls.” Andrea

“You must be aware that I m a very big fan of Beyond The Walls. Firstly let me say that I love the music on your website – I’ve been meaning to say that since the first time I heard it. I know that Laura and Thomas enjoy their days with you – they walk in with big smiles on their faces and immediately join in with activities in the school house. I love the adventure that they have with you and the knowledge that they gain about nature, seasons and the environment. I really like being able to access the weekly written reports that tell me what Plunk have been up to through the day and the brilliant photos that ‘paint the picture’ and tie in with the report. I especially like in the last couple of weeks that you’ve highlighted the EYFS links that have been covered. The photos are great quality by the way – thank you. I think the rucksacks are brilliant – I want one for myself! And the waterproofs are fine. I feel very lucky that we’ve had the opportunity to join in the woods.” Karen

“I cannot express how much Arthur has enjoyed his time at Beyond the Walls. He immediately seemed happy and settled when he started and has a real soft spot for Naomi. I think it is a great advantage that you have such generous staff to children ratios and aside from all the exciting adventures that Arthur has been on, it is this that has helped him settle so well and continue to have such wonderful days in the woods. His enjoyment of his days in the woods has helped to change us as a family as we embrace fun outside whatever the weather, we are all how kitted out for wet weather and over winter have tried not to let it stop us having our own outdoors adventures. We are going on our first camping adventure in a couple of weeks! Arthur lives in his own little world most of the time but BTW has helped to broaden that world and grown his appreciation for the things that live in it. On the way home the other night he made me slow the car to see if we could spot rabbits in the grass and I’ll never forget the morning I dropped him off and an owl swooped in front of my car on the drive home! Sticks always used to be wielded as some kind of weapon but now are used for all sorts of things. I think that the kit is fantastic and has kept Arthur warm and dry in even the worst weather. I love the weekly updates and photos on the website. Often Arthur is too tired to tell us about his day so likes me to read out the summary to him to remind him. You really make the updates personal and as Arthur struggles to remember names I really appreciate that you mention who he has played with as we do like to talk about what he gets up to and with who. It was really nice to go on a walk with yourselves and the other children and parents recently – we would definitely like to do that again. One thing that would be nice would be for you to maybe do a parents evening/ day type thing which would allow us to sit down and have a chat about things face to face – we couldn’t make the coffee mornings you did last year – they may have covered it and I realise that is a big time commitment. Overall I think you doing a wonderful job and providing the children with a unique and fantastic experience. I am only sad that it has to end for Arthur, although the school he is going to have fantastic outdoor facilities and I hope that I can get involved and ensure that they make the most of them. You have not only inspired Arthur but the whole family and for that we are really thankful – can’t wait for Rory’s adventures to start!” Clare

“I was so pleased when Archie got his place with you but even more pleased how much Archie has enjoyed his time with you all. From the start you have all impressed me how organised you all were from you sending monthly payments to the hassle free drop offs and collections. I enjoyed my morning chats and catchups with you all and you are all really relaxed, friendly and informative which left me confident that Archie would be well cared for in the woods and he is. I loved to read his daily report and thought it was great to be able to talk to him about his day without being there and found this encouraged him to talk more about his day after, the photos are a bonus as they captured Archie in action and could see he enjoyed every second, when else will he get chance to have such a special experience than this, I loved the fact he was always playing and learning at the same time helping him to understand nature, seasons, expanding his imagination and letting him be his true self in an environment he loves. I feel the day with you combined with his other nursery has given him the best start and best of both worlds. I think his kit has been great, it has kept him warm and dry on every occasion. Although we always seemed to be away when there were meetings or walks arranged I thought this was a great idea, the news letter kept me up to date with things and I always felt really involved even thought he only came to you one day a week. Been meaning to ask you for a while have you considered doing a day or so in the school holidays? If you ever do Archie is there! Other than this I have absolutely no complaints and sing your praises everywhere I go! Please feel free to use any comment, Archie in bed so I will get back to you with his feed back! Hope this is what you needed.” Jackie

“We were thrilled to find an outdoor preschool nearby and after meeting Diane and Naomi and seeing the site in the woods, we signed Joe up. He absolutely adored it from the start. He loved his waterproofs and backpack and he was always giddy and full of stories when we picked him up. We worried about the weather at first, but it poured down on Joe’s very first day and all Joe had to say about it was how funny it had been to see the water running through the woods. Within a few weeks of Joe attending, we noticed he was a lot more confident when he was playing (climbing and jumping off things, for example) and he was always very happy to show off his knowledge of wildlife and plant life. We really loved how warm and friendly the staff are and there was always a lovely atmosphere at drop off and pick up, with the children playing or reading books. The photos have been fantastic too – so lovely to have a record of Joe’s time at such a wonderful preschool. I’d recommend it to anyone. “ Keris

“Harvey attends 3 nurseries a week, as we wanted him to have as wide an experience as possible, prior to him going to school. Of these 3, it is his 1 day a week at Beyond the Walls that excites and stimulates him the most. It is after coming home from the woods, that he has the most tales to tell, and the most items to show us, from acorns to pine cones, from leaves to pebbles. We also love reviewing his day on the memory stick full of videos, photos, laughter and adventure. Whatever the weather, he comes home happy and rosy-cheeked….. Isn’t that what childhood is all about?!” Dave

“Findlay has attended the outdoor nursery for nearly six months now and has loved every minute so far!! I just need to look at his face when I go to pick him up at home time, to know that he is thriving, is well cared for and is totally engaged with whatever activities he has been doing that day. He is always lovely and warm when I pick him up so I am fully confident that he has been looked after properly. Diane and Naomi always take the time to recount the days events and let me know what Findlay has been doing and what has been learnt. Findlay has become much more physically capable and independent since first attending and I feel that the closer interaction between adults and Findlay has certainly stretched his speech development and generally broadened his horizons.” S Carroll

“Dexter had just turned 3 when he started going to Beyond The Walls, when it opened in September 2011. In his life before the woods, walking forward for more than 15 minutes without tripping would have been enough of a challenge most of the time! Three months down the line and Dexter can easily jump off anything, walk backwards down a steep hill and run faster and longer than ever before. Not only have his physical capacities and his agility improved, he is also a lot more confident now and he always looks forward to Wednesdays and going to the ‘woodland creche’. Our initial concerns about his safety in the woods and his general well being have faded away as the staff are very well prepared and extremely careful. The weather has not appeared to be a problem, yet! It really is about what you wear: we are now in the middle of December and we just bought a pair of warm snow boots to top up his outfit, which now consists of 3 to 4 layers of leggings and thermals on his bottom half and 4 to 5 layers of thermals, tee-shirts and fleecy jumpers at the top. You could think that there are a lot of hidden costs involved, but apart from the initial windproof outfit, the thermals and the newly purchased snow boots, the rest of the clothes, scarfs, hats, gloves and wellies are a normal part of an active boy’s wardrobe! I am so glad Dexter joined this truly fantastic and out of the ordinary nursery. I am convinced that the environment and the level of care provided have played an enormous part in his recent physical development and his growing self-confidence. Dexter loves going out for some “fresh air” these days and he is always very keen on showing us things that he has come across in nature.” C Jalleau

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